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new member...

Hello, everyone!

I'm just a newcomer in the world of Legend Of Dragoon. Have finished it several hours ago.
But it is THE game!

Imho the most holistic, well-worked, balaced, distinctive, many-sided and breathtaking jRPG I've seen.

So I'm searching for people to discuss some moments in the game those are not clear. If someone want to, please answer.

Or, if it will be easer for you, provide me with links to explanations of the story or maybe existing discussions.

Also I'm searching for good fanfiction. There are a lot on the http://www.fanfiction.net. But could someone advise me the best of?


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May. 15th, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
Hello! *waves* Nice to see someone new join the community. =]

Anyway, it's also good to see some new players to one of the best twelve-year-old games out there, haha.

So yeah, I'm interested in what parts of the game you need some clarification with, 'cause I'd probably be in the same boat. I'm always up for some good LoD discussion. =] Although it's been... three years now since I beat the game for the first time, I could try answering some questions, or at least giving semi-educated guesses about stuff. =]

As for fanfiction, uhhh... I haven't been on a fanfiction kick in a couple of years, but there was this really good fic called "Healer, Killer" about the original Dragoons that I particularly enjoyed back in the day. Too bad the site it was on went down. =\ You never know, though, it could be on FF.net. *shrugs*
May. 16th, 2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
Hello, Kristy =)

Thank you for quick reply. Community is not dead as we see =)

"Healer, Killer"
Have found it. Will try to read when I have time.

But, could you tell where are you from? Just interesting. There are so many people in the world I don't know. I just wanna know the person I talk to.
May. 17th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
Hello. =]

And, nah, we're not too dead. XP

Oh, and "Healer, Killer" is still out there somewhere? XP That's good. I'll have to find it sometime and re-read it.

Umm, I'm from the United States. North Carolina. The middle of nowhere, really. But it's all good. =]
May. 15th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
i'd be willing to chat. I'm on Disc 3 my...oh, 7th time around? swear I could write a walkthrough all by myself. So, I'd be willing to talk about basically anything.

It's great to see it's still garnering some interest, though!

as for fanfiction...um, I like to think my stuff is good, but it's very mild slash and self-promotion is dumb. I haven't actually read that many fics for LoD *sheepish*

But, yes, feel free to contact me.
May. 16th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks too =)

But, which fic is yours? %)
Could you provide it?
May. 17th, 2009 01:07 am (UTC)



hope you like them...I've gotten better since I posted them. ^_^b
May. 17th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
They are nice =) Really, I enjoy those.
You like dialog form, don't you? That is called 'slash', right? Or 'Slash' is just a small story or short scene? %)
Nonetheless those two are good. Very close to the game I would say. With its wonderful atmosphere =)
..and for me.. I'm so fed up with bulky texts and fanfictions where authors collect ALL they know or heard without any understanding, type of 'read a lot, enjoy a little'... for me it's like a breath of fresh air.

But, could you tell me who were the charactercs in 'Duty and Desire'? I've broken my head %) There may be a lot of variations %)
May. 16th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
I'm also glad to have company to discuss.

But at first I should warn you that my English is quite bad as I suppose. I'm generally from distant country, from Kyrgystan >_> And have shortage of practice. So I have some trouble with expressing my thoughts clear, so you may give a kick if you don't understand what I say =)
But I read well, so don't worry about it.

So, lets have fun.

I've found a good site about LOD with the story report in brief.

I was thinkng a lot these days and have some ideas about story.
But I want to know your opinions at first.

So these are questions to discuss:

1) Why did Melbu Frahma petrify Zieg and place his soul to Zies's petrified body? Could he find someone else? And why did Melbu cast the spell that appeared to be effective for 11,000? Is it too long after all %)

2) How did Melbu Frahma being imprisoned to Zieg's body know about Moon Child?

3) How did Melbu meet Lloyd?

4) Who is Lloyd in your opinion? He is Wingly, but no Wingly knows him. How could it be?

5) Why did Melbu pretend to be Diaz?

6) How did Melbu so easily replaced Shana in the end and become God Of Destruction?

7) In Ulara Charle told that Crystal Sphere in Kadessa was destroyed by humans. So was the one of the Singet Spheres. Right? But if humans had such power to crush these two? o.O

8) Rose was the only alive Dragoon after Dragon Campaign, wasn't she? And had courage to live eternally and to be the Black Monster, when all her friends were dead? If it so... I admire her.

9) Souls of beaten Dragoons are gathered in Velweb. But why Shirley didn't ask Rose to deal with them somewhen within those 11,000 years? %)

10) Why should Rose kill the Moon Child every 108 years? Could Wingly just find the Moon Child and imprison the soul of Virage Imbryo somehow?

11) Why does Moon That Never Sets shine red every 108 years? And why every 108 years?

12) And.. what did happen to the soul of Imbryo each time Rose killed the Moon Child? %) Where did the soul go after each death?

Hmm... that all for the present. =)
May. 17th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
lots of questions, and all good ones. I'll answer best I can. :D

1) Melbu shifted his soul into Zeig's petrified body because Zeig was closest and it was probably a kind of last-ditch death spell. Try to find a way to keep himself alive and everything. As for how long the spell lasted...perhaps long enough for people to forget about him and what he did?

2) Melbu Frahma knew about the Moon Child before being imprisoned, I think. Charles mentioned them having a disagreement about the power of the God of Destruction as Charles had seperated the physical and spritual forms to Melbu's intense displeasure.

3) In game, it's show that Diaz/Melbu met Lloyd when in Kadessa. I think Lloyd tells it in a flashback...

4) Aside from being awesome, Lloyd is...complicated. I bet he's only part-wingly, but the wingly genetics are stronger than human ones...?

5) Melbu pretended to be Diaz because it was safer while also appealing to the human hero, thereby surrounding himself in positive connotations. Make him less...suspicious, I suppose.

6) I think the ease with which Melbu replaced Shana is just a plot hole, really. -_-b

7) I think the humans didn't know what they were doing or what the Crystal sphere and signet spheres did...it was kind of an accident.

8) Yes, Rose is the only dragoon left active from the campaign 11,000 years ago. I'm personally astonished she isn't completely crazy...

9) I suppose Shirley was waiting for more dragoons than just Rose to appear before sending them to their rest...perhaps Rose wouldn't have been enough?

10) In the beginning, the Winglies may have wanted to imprision it to use its power and Rose wanted to avoid that, and the easiest way was to just kill it. Then things just kind of fell into a pattern...?

11) Every 108 years because the God of Destruction is the 108th fruit of the Divine Tree. And it shines red because it's soul is being born somewhere? Just a guess...

12) THAT is a plot hole. But it feeds into the belief of reincarnation.

hope this helped even a little.
May. 17th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
1) Last-ditch? Agree. Battle must be weakened him. So he had no choice.

2) Eh? As I understood Winglies separated the flesh and the soul of Virage and Melbu as their leader possessed the Crystal Sphere where the soul of Virage was imprisoned. Charle created five Signet Spheres to restrain the power of the Crystal Sphere. Right?
But the Crystal Sphere was destroyed by humans during Dragon Campaign and the soul of Virage became free. The same time Melbu Frahma was killed by Zieg. So Melbu couldn't know about the Moon Child.

3)In Kadessa? Hm... it's stange, looks like I missed this moment. I'll try to check it.

4) Hm... quite interesting idea. Lloyd is semi-wingly, semi-human. Maybe, he is really not similar to other Winglies. It is also good topic for fanfic, don't you think? =)
But I have another version. Maybe Lloyd is just one of Wingly-outsiders? Like Meru? And he left his concealed tribe to explore the human world and maybe try to change it? That's why Melbu considered Lloyd as the best partner. How do you think?


6)It really seems to be -___-
But I have my own version. I suppose that the Moon Child's flesh was like a vessel for the soul of Virage. So after reunion with Virage's flesh the soul left Shana's body. Then Melbu didn't switch places with Shana, but somehow merged with Virage that was already united. Why could Melbu control Virage? There was nothing told about Virage's intelligence. Maybe it was pseudo-intelligent and Melbu's mind could suppress it?

7)Yeah, accident. But as we know a huge magic power was needed to break Signet Spheres. I suppose even Winglies' magicans hadn't enough that's why they created Divive Moon Objects to keep such a huge power. Human were not good with magic, so how they managed to break the Signet Sphere?

8)She is amazing! Such a hard fate. And such a strong personality!

9) I also think so.

10) Maybe, but doesn't seem to be truth. As we remember not all the Winglies were so power-loving as Melbu. I think the most of them even want Melbu to be dethroned. So after his death Rose made friends with them or... maybe even before the Dragon Campaign.
I consider that Winglies just had no enough power to imprison the soul of Virage. But they could avoid the reunion by killing the Moon Child each time. And Rose did it well.

11) Hah, funny games with numbers? Soa loved mathematics I see. ^___^

12) Yes, hole.
And I have consideration also. Let's remember about Mayfil and Deningrad. The first one was the city of death and the second was the city of birth. Mayfil was destroyed during Dragon Campaign, but souls continued to gather there. Maybe the soul of Virage went to Mayfil after each Moon Child's death? And then somehow returned to Deningrad to be reborn. And all this cycle took 108 years.
I only guess also. But it is the best explanation I can invent %)
May. 19th, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Answers part 1 because apparently I write too much and LJ doesn't like that.

1) Well Melbu didn't place his soul into Zeig's petrified body. During their fight Zeig actually impaled him so he was dying anyway. He cast the petrification spell on Zeig knowing that the spell wouldn't last for eternity and then placed his own soul inside Zeig's Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit. He was banking on the chance that once Zeig was free he would, at some point for some reason, attempt to use the spirit to become a Dragoon at which point he would be free to take over Zeig's body. He wouldn't have been able to find someone else because he specifically needed a Dragoon to do it and Zeig was right there becoming petrified.

2) Melbu would have known about the moon child because it was the wingly who separated the body and soul of the God of Destruction in the first place. Remember? Silly humans, they broke the Crystal Sphere. The crystal sphere was what held the soul of the god of destruction and gave the wingly their power. Melbu would have known that it would try to return to the Moon That Never Sets and that it would need a body in order to do that. Thus, Moon Child.

3) Who knows!? But he's had about 18 years to run around Endiness putting his plans into motion. Lloyd probably left his village because he was sick of being cooped up there and sick of the powerful wingly race hiding all the time. If you think about it he's actually pretty idealistic and misguided, it would be easy for Melbu, disguised as Diaz, to dangle all his hopes and dreams in front of him and get him to bite.

4) I came to the conclusion that the home of the wingly in the evergreen forest in Mille Seseau and the Spring Breath Town Ulara are probably NOT the only places where Wingly secretly exist in the world of Endiness. Lloyd and Lenus are probably from a different Wingly village, possibly located in Serdio. That's just my opinion. And concerning the Half Wingly Half human idea that is something that's in my fanfic. I posted it here but...no one seemed interested. I doubt that Lloyd himself is half and half though. Humans have thought the Wingly dead for millenia and if the Evergreen Forest is any indication the Wingly would just as soon keep it that way. They seem to be pretty selective about marriage and all that. I mean, even Meru has a betrothed, so it's not like she's about to run off and marry a human. If that idea were to carry over into other villages I think it would probably be safe to assume that Lenus is Lloyd's betrothed and he just doesn't care because she's a bitch, the same way Meru pretends not to care because she feels like she's too young. You can tell she really likes Guaraha though. Tee hee~ <3

5) Probably to trick Lloyd into thinking that his motives were pure. Diaz wanted to save humanity from the tyranny of the Wingly. By posing as Diaz he easily tricked Lloyd into thinking that he had the best intentions in mind for Endiness, also once Lloyd revealed his "identity" to the Dragoons it would have them confused and unwilling to attack Melbu outright thereby foiling his plans as they had AMPLE opportunity to do during their VERY long conversation at the end of disk three.
May. 19th, 2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
And here's the rest.

6) As far as Melbu replacing Shana, not a plot hole. Science! Shana became the nucleus of the Virage Embryo. All Melbu had to do was remove her and insert himself. Scientists do pretty much the same thing when they clone something.

7) The Signet Spheres are what keeps the body of the God of Destruction (aka The Moon That Never Sets) imprisoned in the sky. Once all the Signet Spheres are unlocked the moon descends. The Crystal Sphere is the soul of the Virage Embryo, not a Signet Sphere. Humans didn't know what they were doing when they broke the Cystal Sphere. If anything they probably just thought it was the source of the Wingly's massive amounts of power and nothing more than that. In the game Melbu says that Wingly's somehow found out about the 108th fruit being the God of Destruction. They probably wouldn't have shared that information with the rest of the races because they are very conceited. They took it upon themselves to protect the other races by preventing the destruction of Endiness and then they just went mad with power. Jerks.

8) Yes. I admire her as well. Rose is my favorite character in the game. Her story is so sad and so beautiful and she's so strong. I don't think I would have had the courage to live alone for over 11,000 years with only a single purpose and the sad memories of the deaths of all my friends.

9) After defeating Shirley at the shrine Rose thinks that her soul has been set free so it stands to reason that Shirley herself, for whatever reason, was trapped on the mortal plane. Why she is at the Shrine and not in Vellweb is a mystery. It might have something to do with her being the White-Silver dragoon and thus being more aware of her death and the after life. In any case, Shirley didn't know that Rose was still alive. She and Belzac died together and she wouldn't have known what became of Rose. It surprises her that Rose is still alive. If you'll remember she says something to the tune of, 'I see, you have been on your long journey since then.' to Rose when they meet at the shrine. So she probably wouldn't have known to search for Rose, even if she hadn't been confined to the Shrine, which she probably is. That usually happens to spirits.

10) Rose has to kill the Moon Child every 108 years because if it reunites with the body of the God of Destruction it will bring about the end of the world, and the Wingly can't re-imprison the soul of the Virage Embryo probably because they are no longer powerful enough. After the war they lost dominance of the land and control of the Birth Palace Deningrad where I'm pretty sure is the only place where they would be able to seal the soul again.

11) The moon glows red every 108 years because the Moon Child is born every 108 years and the Moon resonates with the child's birth.

12) It's not really a plot hole. 108 isn't just an arbitrarily chosen number. It's a very important and sacred number in several religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. The soul of the Virage Embryo has to wait 108 years because it takes 108 years for it to be able to reincarnate itself. So the soul doesn't really go anywhere it simply has to wait because it can't take any action until it is allowed to.

I actually didn't mean to answer them all, just a couple, but I got into it. Oh well. Anyway, if you are looking for fanfiction...I...I'm writing one... I...would like for you to read it? Maybe? Please? It's on my journal, it's called This Time Imperfect.
May. 22nd, 2009 06:07 am (UTC)
as they had AMPLE opportunity to do during their VERY long conversation at the end of disk three.
So it seemed. But remember, when Rose attempted to attack Shana, there was an invisible barrier in the way, and when Lloyd attempted to attack, he got encased in fire and slammed off somewhere... and when Dart attacked Zieg-Melbu at the law-giving city, Melbu defeated him with ease, right? So I'd agree it was part of a strategy on his part, but that wasn't all. (I think. :D;;)
May. 22nd, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
The amount of power he has at his disposal doesn't have anything to do with his Diaz impersonating tactics. Being trapped in a human body he would have to impersonate a human and since Zeig would have been a relatively unmemorable character in the war he chose instead to be Diaz. What I meant was that if he had said outright, I am Melbu Frahma, bwa ha ha ha, Rose, and thus the other Dragoons, would not have wasted much time on words and instead just gone in for the kill (regardless of his amount of power he only ever defeats one of them at a time before the final battle so I think it's pretty safe to assume that though he is powerful at any point in the game he probably would not have been able to take on an entire battle party if the option had ever been given you but that of course would end the game prematurely). The tactics are thus diversionary for the Dragoons, and enticing for poor Lloyd who thinks he is helping Diaz, a historical figure of change and revolution, change the world into a Utopia.
May. 17th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)
One more interesting question!

13) Winglies used some minor Virages during Dragon Campaign. But what the creatures are they? They cannot be the same entity as Virage Embryo! So how did they apprear?
May. 18th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
Hey! Nice to see someone new who wants to discuss the game!

13) I believe it was mentioned somewhere by Rose that the Virages were created lifeforms. So, I figure after the separation of the flesh and spirit of the Embryo the Winglies experimented with, and created, creatures that shared part of its essence. And that's what they used in their attempts to counter the Dragons.

Also: I am horrendously fascinated by the character of Rose, and am currently working on a story centered around her. I'll let you know when I've got something reader-worthy. Otherwise, I highly recommend the works of Raindog Bride on ff.net, as she's got a way with words that is unparalleled in the fandom. And, if you want to check out my unworthy works, I'm also on ff.net as Myev.

Hope to hear more from you!
May. 19th, 2009 01:28 pm (UTC)
Above human is correct. That's also why in the end cinematic you see all the little Virages falling out of the sky and dying. They share their essence with the Virage Embryo and can't exist without it. Since you've just killed it they are all like, HRK! DEATH! sad day.
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