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Roleplay open!

Hey all!
I did actually get a Legend of Dragoon roleplay put together here on LJ. It can be found at Dark Side of the Moon (and the OOC community). This roleplay accepts both canon and original characters (provided the OCs are not apped as dragoons), and past characters as well as those around during the game proper. Do come have a look around!

The projected start date for the game is January 1st or thereabouts. Applications are now open, to give people some time to get them in around the Christmas holiday. The application post can be found here.


Does anyone know of a good, active LoD roleplay, preferably here on LJ?

Would anyone be interested in one if I made one? If so, what kinds of ideas would you like to see in the game?
Wow. Poor comm. Long time no post. =\

But anyway. I just started an icon community and I actually have some the Legend of Dragoon icons, since I love this game. =] But I only have five, since I've been lazy. Oh well. =\

Also, slight spoilers for the ending FMV sequence. Which I do agree that it has some of the worst/most hilarious voice acting ever. I sure do love Dart and his random yells, ha. =] ♥

In this batch:
[13] Detective Conan icons~
[10] Tales of Phantasia icons~

[5] The Legend of Dragoon icons~
[5] Pokémon icons~
[7] miscellaneous icons~


( iconssss~! )

And on some sort of random note. I have like this... really strong liking for the original seven Dragoons. Especially Syuveil; I love that guy. =] I don't like Syuveil/Damia though. x_x' But has anyone been to the site called Inception about the original seven Dragoons? It's down now and that makes me sad. ._. I love that site, though. ♥

Actually, now that I think about it... I really like all of the Jade Dragoons. Besides Graham, but whatever. He wasn't an "official" Dragoon, anyway. Blah. Anywho, I was reading some back posts here and noticed how some people thought Albert (♥♥♥) looked like Edgar from FFVI... I agree, but I think he looks like Gordon from FFII as well. (Amano art | PSX sprite) Gordon's got long blond hair that he pulls back into a ponytail. He wears a headband-ish thing on his head. He wears a cape. And when he joins your party, he's wielding a spear. =] Oh, and he's a prince, too. And he probably becomes king after the game is over, since he marries Princess Hilda. Hmm. I've just always noticed that.

And what's a "gaspless"? =P I just can't find the answer anywhere. Is it supposed to be like "gasp less," as in taking one's breath away? o_O But I do love how Syuveil says it with his little British-ish accent. =P

Oh, and has anyone heard anything about this movie thing? o_O Sounds interesting, really. I just wonder how good the production will be and all. Hmm. I do hope they finish it and get a way to somewhat distribute it. I sure would love me some real LoD action, yum. Might inspire me to go get back on my game and search the land of Endiness from top to bottom once again to find the one piece of Stardust I'm missing. I wanna kill Faust, dang it. It's something I didn't get to do during my first two plays through. Blah. But of course I got to murder the ghosts of Belzac, Kanzas, Damia, and Syuveil... x_x I hate fighting those battles. ._. How does one murder a ghost, anyway?

Hope someone's still around, 'cause I feel like being dorky and talking about one of my favorite games ever. =P Ack, I hate the people that say it's a cheap FFVII rip-off. kdgjhifugoishygshd.

Good day/night/morning! =] ♥

Jan. 2nd, 2008

I need to hit the restart button on my muse. I have a story I need to finish but have no creativity to do so. So I'm going to do that by writing drabbles (ie less than 500 words). I'm counting on you guys to help. Give me any or all of these:


And that's it! I have no idea at what time I will have these out, but I hope to do so in less than 1 month.


Sorry for spamming anyone's f-list.

All done. I have 50+ things to write, so..

... Movie?

I was just wondering if there was any news regarding that movie on imdb for those of us lacking an account on the site. I know I could go and get one, but it's kinda fun getting the updates and thoughts from the community.


Acidic Earth

Sometime in the future, a third world war occurred, turning the world into a nuclear wasteland. The global population was decimated, and the way of life as we know it was completely destroyed. However, through sheer determination and will to survive, humanity learned to cope to a certain degree with the cataclysmic conditions.

This is what's left. This is Earth on acid.

acidic_earth, the newest multifandom AU on the web!

Click here for all the info you'll need!

x-posted everywhere worth looking.

Are there any LoD roleplayers?

FAQ // Q&A | Application | Taken Characters | Requests | Holds | Game Guide

Your average multifandom alternative-universe role-play, thes1project bases its plot from a post-apocalyptic era set during the 1950s. A spin off from the end of World War II, a deadly virus know as Solanum has broken out amongst the nations at war creating the ability to reanimate the dead. After attempting to rid of the virus through warfare and weapons the world is leaves only behind mass chaos in their wake and stir up the already loose bonds of politics. A horrific fallout is the result, leaving the world in ruin and those who survive seek shelter. Thus the creation of the settlement Manhattan comes around. A combination of efforts by all sides of survival, Manhattan not only was built for those still living, but to keep the living dead out and create shelter for the affects of war. What the fallout also creates though is a break in reality that sends forward characters that certainly don’t seem to belong there.

Accepting of all series/fandoms, characters are drawn from their canon-verse and brought into this world, the gate bringing forth the potential for anything to happen. A combination of all genres, from drama to crack/humor, thes1project brings forth endless possibilities for players and characters alike.

Evermore Writing

That Haschel fic I'd written awhile back has gotten re-worked and is now posted on ficwad here: http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=68985
Also, everything LODy that I've written so far has now been posted to fanfiction.net as well, in case ficwad is having any amount of difficulties. You can find my profile on ff.net here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1312358/
That'll link you to my stories. Aa well, if you are in a reading mood, take a gander at ThistleDemon under my Favourite Authors area. She's written some pretty awesome LOD stories and doesn't mind an appreciative audience.

Happy Reading!

Religion in LoD

As I'm in the process of playing Dragoon for the bajillionth time, I came across an interesting issue: the national religions of each country.

Tiberoans worship the stars. Millea Sesau people worship the Divine Tree.

Do Serdians have a state religion? I got the feeling that they didn't. Anyone got an answer?


Hey everyone!
It's been a while huh!?
Well, I just have a quick question and I hope its not too foward! ^.^
Would anyone have any LOD avvies? I would be so grateful if anyone could hook me up with a few! Of course, the artists will get proper credit!!
Thank you so very much for your time!!